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LBM Construction Company has been on the forefront of this unique project delivery system where the complete design/build process is "under one roof". All aspects of both the design and construction processes come together through the experts at LBM. The owner, architect/engineer, and LBM Construction Company work together from the early life stage of a project to its completion. Through this method, the owner enters into an agreement with LBM, who will take responsibility for both the design and construction of the project.

Team Approach
We engage the services of a design firm who is qualified for your particular type of structure(s) and building function. Subsequently, the owner, the designer and LBM as a "team" become one cooperative identity, who has like goals and objectives for the project, and will go forward with the development of the project budget; development of the design program and ultimately the building construction.

Why Clients use Design-Build
Typically, this contract method is appealing to the owner because the preparation of the project budget is included in the design program phase of the project. It saves the client from budget overruns while minimizing unforeseen issues. It also provides flexibility; innovation in construction and timely feedback throughout each phase of the project. We encourage potential clients to look into this project delivery method. Please contact us to find out if this method could work for you.


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